Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker Review

Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker Reviews

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4 / 5 – Updated February, 2024

Latest Price: £168

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Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker Review

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Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker features

Some of the top features that we picked out for this product include:

  • 1 litre – make up to 4 cups of tea
  • 1600 Watt power output
  • Temperature range between 80 and 100 degrees
  • Choice of different tea strengths to suit your taste
  • Basket lowers automatically for the ideal steeping time

Below is the full specification for Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker

Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker specs

Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker

(H)22.2 x (W)20.9 x (D)19.7

Keep Warm Function



1600 Watt



Variable Temperature


Water Capacity

1 Litres



Number of Reviews


Review Score

4 / 5

Average score in category: 4.4 / 5


Quality of Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker

As an appliance reviews specialist, you can probably imagine that we’re really keen to look at product quality as part of our reviews. Many appliances that we buy are expensive purchases and therefore we want them to last for several years. In order for this to happen we should do everything we can to buy good quality products. Below we’ll explore some of the top areas that you can use to identify a good quality product.

When buying Tea Makers you should firstly think about the brand that you’re buying. In fact we often recommend that before you get into the detail of choosing a product, you should firstly spend some time researching the various brands. It’s also worth considering writing up your own list of brands that you’d be happy to buy.

As you’ve reached this Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker we can probably assume that Sage is a brand that you’re either happy to buy, or at least consider. The good news is that Sage is a hugely respected brand and known for making great Tea Makers. In fact on average customers review products from Sage at 4.7 out of 5.

The next factor that can indicate how good quality a product is, are the features. You will have seen an extensive list of Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker’s features above, which gives you a good idea of how good the quality of the product is. When you have narrowed down your list of potential purchases you should compare the features to see if one product offers something of better quality than another.

Material is another great specification to help you determine if a product is likely to be good quality and durable.

Of course customer reviews are another fantastic source of information for determining the quality of Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker too. You’ll get a good idea from customers if they’re experiencing years of use or if there is a trend of faults/problems. Thankfully it looks like you’re already on to a winner with Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker simply based on the review score.

How expensive is Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker?

Price and reviews are the two most important factors for us to consider when buying products online. So whilst we’re aware you’re here to get Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker reviews, we’d be missing a really important piece of information if we didn’t give you details on the price.

In order to really get into the detail of the price we’ve looked at all 5 products that show up in the Tea Makers at as well as the 54 from the brand Sage. We then end by analysing the price of both of those criteria combined, i.e only looking at Sage branded products in the Tea Makers category, which we found 4 products.

In order to ensure we’re getting you the best deal when shopping online we’ve run a scan to find the best prices for Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker. Our most recent scan found to be the cheapest at just £168.

What is the average price of Tea Makers?

As mentioned above we found 5 products for sale in the Tea Makers category at The average price of those 5 products was £140.00, which makes Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker above average against this average price.

Next we checked to see how much price can vary in the Tea Makers category, and you might be surprised to learn that the cheapest product we found was actually £54.00 and the most expensive that we managed to find in the same category was was £200.00.

After that we thought it would be interesting to know, of the 5 products how many were more expensive and how many were cheaper than Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker. We learned that 1 products cost more than and 3 cost less.

What is the average price of Sage products?

Next up we looked at the average price you can expect to pay for Sage branded products.

Of the 54 Sage branded products, the average price was £396.35. With the most expensive coming in at £1999.00 and cheapest being £20.00.

Although we then thought we shouldn’t just look at all Sage products, instead we should be looking at only their products that fall within the Tea Makers category.

Average price of Sage Tea Makers

In total we found 4 products from Sage within the Tea Makers category.

The average price of these products was £161.50, which interestingly makes Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker above average for price against this criteria.

The most expensive of the 4 products was £200.00 whilst the cheapest was £129.00. With 1 products more expensive and 2 cheaper.

Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker Reviews

Let’s face it, reviews are a critical part of the buying process for buying any appliances online. In fact you could argue buying any product online full stop. It’s especially important though when buying products like Tea Makers.

We’ve had a quick look at the reviews for Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker and at the same time also looked at some average scores from customers for similar products.

The review score we found for Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker was 4 / 5
We then wanted to look to see how that compared to other products in the Tea Makers category. The average review score of all Tea Makers is 4.4 / 5.

It’s also useful to know how Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker stands up against other products from Sage. The average review score of products from Sage over at is 4.7 out of 5.

Customer reviews are without doubt the best source of information we can use to get a really genuine and unbiased opinion of a product. Another type of reviews that is really worth exploring too are professional/expert reviews. Websites such as are very popular and known for providing really detailed and insightful reviews for appliances.

Once you’ve spent a bit of time reading through the Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker reviews, we recommend that you spend a bit of time looking at reviews for alternative products. Some of our top picks include Smeg TSSR02_1 Sandwich Rack Accessory reviews, Smeg TSBW01_1 Bun Warmer Accessory reviews or Smeg TSBW02_1 Bun Warmer Accessory reviews.

If you’re thinking you’d still like to explore a few more product reviews after those above then a couple more great options could include Smeg TSSR01_1 Sandwich Rack Accessory reviews or even AEG 7 Series 2 Slot Digital AT7800-U 2 Slice Toaster reviews.

Sage Tea Makers

We covered the importance of choosing a great brand, earlier in the quality section of this review.

Judging by the fact that you’ve found this review, you’re probably already making a great choice in considering Sage for your purchase. Especially seeing as the average review score for Sage products is 4.7 out of 5.

There are, as you know, many different brands offering Tea Makers, so our advice is just take your time to write up your list of brands you’d be happy to buy, and use that list to filter your search when shopping online. It’s a great way of really cutting down the number of results to look through.

Videos of Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker on YouTube

If you’re more of a visual person then video reviews can be a fantastic resource. Especially when you get the reviews that really get into the detail like features, pros and cons of a product. We have run a search for Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker reviews on YouTube and below is the top result for that search.


The fact that Sage STM700SHY Tea Maker scored 4 / 5 is testimony to the fact that this product is a great buy. With 1 reviews to read, there’s obviously a lot of love for this product amongst customers too.
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